Picnic at Pat Bohannon’s loving home.  A wonderful pool
and pond for all to enjoy, with water retrieving demonstrations.
Fun in the pool at the summer pool party –Is that Brent holding Stride?
                               See Mom…I know how to do this..follow me!   
Who says puppies are not fun?!?!?  Marilyn and Flash
No problem for Flash…treats!!!         This way dad….follow Kim….
Lynn showing the new member folder!!!!
Pictures from the Kentuckiana Cluster Specialty – club member watch, while some show their goldens.
                                Judy Turenne’s girl                                    Toby                                     Melinda & Toby
I’m free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                       “where’s the ball?”
Doing what goldens love to do….ducks and retrieving..
Chewbacca –“I’m waiting”                Bouncer & Secret…ready, set, WAIT!                            Bouncer and Secret chillin in the beach
Dorothy & Laci, Marilyn & Secret                 Junior Hunter Titles
Aspen and her BDF Casey @ GLTC Veterans Class – October, 2013


Left to right – Forest Glen’s Snowy Nevada Brooke – Ford; Griffindor’s Golden Magical Mischief OA OAJ OF – Kriegler; GoldenQuest Casey Masterpiece CDX BN GN RE – Scully, Goodtime-Amate’ Street Sense TD CA – Browne, Top Hats White Chocolate “BI-SCOTTI” – Henry, Highmark’s Yogi Berra VCD2 RE AX AXJ OA OAJ – Schosser
Thornelea’s Theas Rowdy Spirit CDX RE – Skourlis, Emberain Sounds Good To Me UD OM MH OA NAJ WCX – Littlefield & Dietrich, High Times SouperSonic UD SH WCX – Littlefield & Dietrich; Cedar Creek Born on the Bayou CDX SH WCX – Dietrich, Morninglo’s Midnight Lace CD BN – Hofner, Morninglo’s Secret Vision – Gormley


Rosehill’s Stir It All Up! – Tull, Rosehill Opened At The Close TD AX AXJ – Haigler; Rosehill’s Madam Speaker JH NA NAJ – Plonsky; Evaluator Judy Laureano, Stonebrook Christmas in the Caribbean – Turenne, Stonebook Sign’s Of Spring – Turenne, Evaluator Jennifer Krawscyzn, Adirondac Duck’s Brew JH WC – Miara, Forest Glen’s High in the Sky – Kesler, Wildrose Forest Glen’s Night Skys Over Savannah – Kesler, Evaluator Jon Chase, Glamour’s What A Knockout @MGG BN – Terhune, Merrygold Lola Gail Terhune UD WC – Terhune, Shorline Call Of The Canyon At Ethos – Kincer





Team Rally – August 2013 –All winners!!                                              Midas, Marcus and Lola  “give me that ball!”
Lola – “Please Mom…..can I get up now!!!!! ”                                            Lola —   “OK…..I’m going to jump!!!”
Lola doing exactly what Golden Retrievers were bred to do…..is that fun or what!?!?!!?
“Look what I found Mom!!!!!”
Lots of golden love…..
It’s so hard to be handsome!
Summer Picnic
Summer Picnic 2010